Wright State University

Raghavan Srinivasan, Ph.D.



Research Interests

         Development of deformation processing and mechanical testing methods (severe plastic deformation of metals, elevated temperature deformation testing, sheet formability testing, abrasivity of paper)

         Modeling of thermomechanical processing (FEM, phenomenological modeling, physical modeling)


Current Research Projects


         Continuous Severe Plastic Deformation (CSPD)

         Boron Modified Titanium Alloys

         Expert System for Unitized Airframe Components


Recent Journal Publications


1.                   R. Srinivasan, B. Cherukuri, and P.K. Chaudhury, “Scaling up of Equal Channel Angular Pressing (ECAP) for the Production of Forging Stock,” Materials Science Forum, Vol. 503-504, pp 371-378, 2006

2.                   P. K. Chaudhury, B. Cherukuri, and R. Srinivasan, “Scaling up of equal channel angular pressing (ECAP) and its effect on mechanical properties, microstructure, and hot workability of AA 6061,” accepted by Materials Science and Engineering A, August 2005

3.                   B. Cherukuri, T. Nedkova and R. Srinivasan, “A comparison of the properties of SPD processed AA-6061 by equal channel angular pressing (ECAP), multi-axial compressions/forgings (MAC/F) and accumulative roll bonding (ARB),” accepted by Materials Science and Engineering A, August 2005

4.                   B. Cherukuri and R. Srinivasan, “Properties of AA6061 Processed By Multi-Axial Compressions/Forging (MAC/F),” accepted by Materials and Manufacturing Processes, April 2005

5.                   R. Srinivasan, M. Balathandayuthapani and W. Yan, “Temperature Changes and Loads During Hot Die Forging of a Gamma Titanium Aluminide Alloy” Journal of Materials Processing Technology, Vol. 160, pp. 321-334, 2005

6.                   N. Yust, R. Nekkanti, L. Brunke, R. Srinivasan, and P. Barnes, “Copper Metallic Substrates HTS Coated Conductors,” Superconductor Science and Technology, Vol. 18, pp. 9-13, 2005

7.                   R. Srinivasan and P. Chaudhury “Forging Studies with Severe Plastic Deformation Processed Aluminum Alloy 6061,” Materials Science Forum, Vol. 426-432, pp. 267-272, 2003

8.                   J.L. Pierce, L.P. Zawada, and R. Srinivasan, “Tensile Properties of Nicalon Fiber-Reinforced Carbon Following Aerospace Turbine Engine Testing,” Journal of Materials Engineering and Performance, Vol. 12, No. 3, 2003

9.                   A.J. Beaudoin, R. Srinivasan, and S.L. Semiatin, “Microstructure Modeling and Prediction during Thermomechanical Processing,” JOM, pp 25-29, January 2002

10.               Z. Li, R. Grandhi, and R. Srinivasan, “Distortion Minimization during Gas Quenching Process,” Journal of Materials Engineering and Processes, pp 125-134, 2001


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