The Industrial and Human Systems research focus area contributes to societal needs by modeling large-scale industrial systems, developing methodologies for improving industrial systems, and investigating the fundamental nature of human interactions with complex systems. This knowledge is then applied to systems design and implementation. Within this context, the focus is on development and validation of system models with theoretical contributions and practical applications. Principles, methods, and tools from systems engineering, neurosciences, cognitive sciences, biomechanics, psychology, systems physiology, computation, statistics, and mathematics are used and developed toward this effort. Research results may be applied to human-machine interfaces, decision support systems, virtual environments, ergonomics, transportation, manufacturing, military, and medical systems. Current research projects include:

  • design and implementation of human-centered decision support systems and user interfaces
  • design, implementation, and application of interactive modeling and simulation architectures
  • design, implement, and evaluate human-computer integrated systems for realistic situations

Focus Area Chair: Dr. Caroline Cao, Department of Biomedical, Industrial and Human Factors Engineering