College of Engineering and Computer Science receives donation for Wright STEPP program
Wright State's College of Engineering and Computer Science receives donation from AT&T to support the Wright Science, Technology and Engineering Preparatory Program. Continue reading
Wright State alumnus honored by White House for research
Onome Scott-Emuakpor, a Wright State alumnus and Air Force Research Laboratory engineer, receives Presidential Early Career Award for Scientists and Engineers. Continue reading
Wright State honors graduating seniors as Top Scholars
Scholars are honored with books purchased in their names for the Wright State University Libraries’ collections. Continue reading

Questioning the equation

In a speech at TedxDayton, Dr. Nathan Klingbeil, dean of CECS, spoke about how he hopes to inspire others to think differently about the potential of America’s high school graduates. Dr. K has championed modern, innovative curricula aimed at increasing accessibility and better preparing students like Josh Deaton, Lindsay Parrett, and Derrick Watley to succeed.