Current research efforts in the controls and robotics focus area include discrete observer-controller design, efficient implementation of digital controllers using microprocessors for robotics and manufacturing, adaptive digital controllers for uncertain systems, and intelligent controllers with learning capability. Research is also being done to develop reliable and efficient computational schemes which interface with computer-aided control systems design packages.

In the area of robust control, efforts are being done to facilitate control system design which accounts for uncertainties between the real system and the system mathematical models. Fuzzy control is being applied to a number of applications in robotics, manufacturing, and medicine, and other research is being conducted on advanced prosthesis design using actively controlled, electromechanical control of single and multi-jointed prosthetics.

Highlights of current research projects include:

  • intelligent control of unmanned vehicles (UAVs) and robots
  • intelligent control of robotic manipulators
  • design and development of obstacle avoidance methods for mobile robots

Focus Area Chair: Dr. Frank Zhang, Department of Electrical Engineering