Do you or your employees need additional skills or training in engineering or computer science?

Whether you are a professional who needs to enhance your skills and expand your knowledge base or you manage a business with a need for staff training in key business areas, the Office of Professional Development is your home for innovative courses and programs to meet those needs.

The Office of Professional Development in the College of Engineering and Computer Science is dedicated to enriching the professional landscape on a personal and holistic level through innovative approaches to the professional development of engineers, computer scientists, and managers. It accomplishes this mission by offering salient educational opportunities that enrich the professional lives of those who take them and the organizations they serve.

Through our diverse programs and platforms, the Office of Professional Development is dedicated to making our programs work for you. We focus on meeting your needs by designing our courses so that we are capable of providing a high-value educational experience through diverse platforms and customized packages.

So if you or your employees would benefit from additional skills in engineering or computer science, contact us today. We will help identify or develop educational opportunities that meet your unique professional needs.

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