CSE112 Computer Organization

This page is for the section taught by
Dr Prabhaker Mateti

It is being taught in the second semester of BTech first year. That is, Freshman Year. Work-in-Progress.

Office Hours Mon + Thu 11:30 -- 12:30 206 LHC or by Appointment

2020 Tentative Schedule of Lectures

Week # Lecture Topic [ == video on that topic by Sarangi] Lab, if any
Wks 1-4 Collected Slides on Google Drive
Introduction ,
The Language of Bits: Boolean Algebra, Binary representation, ; Negative Integers, ; Floating point numbers, strings Lab on Number Representations
Assembly Languages: Machine Instruction vs Assembly ; SimpleRisc assembly language ; Stacks, functions, and instruction encoding,
Week 5 ARM Assembly Basics of the ARM assembly language, ; Branch instructions, memory instructions, and encoding,
Week 6 Computer Arithmetic: Integer Adders, Integer Multipliers, Wallace tree multiplier, Integer division, V: Floating-point addition and subtraction V Floating-point multiplication and division, Lab on Assembly Prog
Week 7 Computer Arithmetic: [contd] Lab on Arithmetic
Week 8 Processor Design: Processors with hardwired control units ; Processor with Micro-programming - I Processor with Micro-programming - II Lab on IEEE Floating Point
Week 9 Principles of Pipelining: Basic concepts, and the notion of hazards, Interlocks and forwarding, Forwarding and performance analysis Interrupts and Exceptions, Lab on Virtual Machines
Week 10 Principles of Pipelining: [contd] Lab on Pipelining
Week 11 Memory System: Overview of the Memory System Design of Caches, Formulae, Cache misses, Prefetching Virtual Memory,
Week 12 Memory System: [contd] Lab on Simulated Mem
Week 11 Multiprocessor Systems: Overview of Parallel Programming Coherence and Consistency Cache Coherence Protocols Multithreading and Vector Processing, V: Graphics Processors and Interconnects,
Week 13 I/O and Storage Devices: Overview, and Encoding, Synchronization, Data Link, Network, and Protocol Layers PCI-X, USB, and Hard Disks Optical and Solid State Drives Lab on Interrupts

PPTX Slides of Sarangi's Book

Ack https://www.cse.iitd.ernet.in/~srsarangi/archbooksoft.html

Introduction to Computer Architecture Computer Arithmetic Part-1, Part-2
The Language of Bits Processor Design
Assembly Language Principles of Pipelining
ARM Assembly Language The Memory System
x86 Assembly Language Multiprocessor Systems
Logic Gates, Registers, and Memories I/O and Storage Devices

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