CEG4440/6440 2019-04-23

1 Announcements

  1. Return borrowed Android Devices by April 30, noon. If you cannot find me, leave the device in the CSE Dept Office 303 Russ.
  2. Final Exam on April 30 URL posted at 2:45 PM
  3. Graded: MidTerms, posted to your Google Drive dirs
  4. Lab 5 IG-Learner revised Apr 22, 2019
  5. L2 RootInitMods, L3 CachePoison, L4 Malware and L5: If you are yet to submit these, please do it ASAP. No penalties.
  6. The "struckout" lab links now work. The CheckSSSFHB and CodeInject labs were used in the past. The KeyLogger lab looks unfinished but is actually easy and interesting.

2 Previously

3 Agenda

  1. Exploit Prevention: Secure Coding and Hardening
  2. Hardening Linux Kernel + Android Framework
  3. Build Android ROMs
  4. Survey of Android (Investigative) Tools
  5. Next Lecture: QA, Open

4 Reading Beyond the Lectures

5 End

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