CEG3900 Mobile and Cloud Computing

1 Catalog Description

Development of applications that use mobile devices as the front end and cloud services as the back end. Productivity, Entertainment and Gaming; APIs for Camera, GPS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC; Location based apps. Security: Password cracking, Finger print recognition, Pocket Spy. Uses Java, Android, AWS, Google Cloud, MS Azure.

Credit Hours:3
Prerequisites: CEG 2350 and CS1181

2 Course Content

The course content below is designed as a sophomore/junior level course. The course is a heavily lab and engineering design oriented.

At the end of each topic is an estimate of the number of 80-minute lectures.

Mobile Computing 2
Productivity, Health Fitness, Entertainment and Gaming; Camera, GPS, Accelerometer, Gyroscope, WiFi, Bluetooth, NFC; Network/ Cloud based apps
Cloud Computing and Storage 3
Amazon Web Services, Google Cloud, Microsoft Azure, Heroku; Distributed computing between a mobile device and the cloud. Ex: Voice assistants.
Application Development 6
Android Studio (Intellij Idea). MIT App Inventor. Xamarin. GitHub. Cloud based mobile applications. Example Architectures: Google Keep, Dropbox. Cloud apps v Web apps. Collaboration. Microsoft Bot Framework. Google Firebase Cloud Messaging.
Software Comprehension 6
Architecture. Dissection. Reverse Engineering. Code obfuscation. Android/Cloud FOSS examples.
Location Awareness and Discovery 4
Dissection of Pokemon Go. Other examples: CodeRunner. Zombies-Run, Geocaching. Assisted living. FOSS projects. (4)
Security 4
Password cracking. Face/ Voice/ Finger print recognition. Pocket spy.
Project 2
Related discussions.
In-class Midterm; Finals week Final.

3 Source Materials

  1. Text Book: There is no prescribed text book. Pointers to Required Readings will be given during the course.
  2. Prabhaker Mateti, Lecture Notes on Mobile + Cloud Computing, Work-in-Progress, 2017.
  3. Joseph Annuzzi, Jr., Lauren Darcey, Shane Conder, Introduction to Android Application Development: Android Essentials, 5th Edition, Addison-Wesley Professional, 2015, 672pp, ISBN: 9780134389653; WSU Safari Books On-line 9780134389653
  4. https://www.androidexperiments.com/ Collection of experiments. FOSS.
  5. Issac Cody, Hacking University: Sophomore Edition. Essential Guide to Take Your Hacking Skills to the Next Level. Hacking Mobile Devices, Tablets, Game Consoles. Publisher: United Computer Geeks (August 22, 2016). Print Length: 68 pages. Amazon

4 Projects/ Labs

This is a projects/labs based course. The specific labs and projects may change from term to term. The labs/projects are to be done individually.

Four Labs (weight 4*5%), One Project, divided into 3 phases (3*10%).

5 Exams

There will be two exams (weights 20 + 30%).

6 End

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