CEG3900 Sensors in Android Devices

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1 Sensors

  1. Sensor types Required Reading
  2. Sensor Box for Android APK Detects all available sensors.

2 Android: Gyroscope

  1. Kaleb Kircher, Android: Gyroscope Basics, Gyroscope Explorer APK, GitHub 2016. Good figures and tutorial. Required Reading.
  2. Part of P5. Document the APK buildable from https://github.com/Litun/UnitingTwist. As with many open source projects, this little project (sloccount < 1000 Java LOC) is also without any documentation, apart from the video showing how this app works. Note that (i) this APK does not use cloud, (ii) this APK uses gyroscope sensor, (iii) not all Android devices have it.

3 Android GPS

  1. https://developer.android.com/guide/topics/sensors/ Location and Sensors APIs
  2. https://developer.android.com/training/location/ A follow along tutorial. Has these lessons: Getting the Last Known Location, Changing Location Settings, Receiving Location Updates, Displaying a Location Address, Creating and Monitoring Geofences

4 Mobile Sys Characteristics

  1. Mobile-Sys-Characteristics pptx | pdf

5 References

6 End

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