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CEG3900 Firebase Cloud Messaging Index

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This is a collection of Firebase examples, with Java or JavaScript source code.

{For Use by DrPM: Firebase Console 2017}

1 Quick Start

  1. Prerequisite: ../Cloud
  2. https://github.com/firebase/quickstart-java "A collection of quickstart samples demonstrating the Firebase APIs using the Java Server SDK." From Google.
  3. CEG 3900 P2, and P3 had tasks based on this collection.

2 Public Notes Taker

  1. Android Note Taker with notes stored in the Firebase Realtime Database. A note taking demo app. Create new notes, edit existing notes, and delete individual notes. A simple app: {Shares notes across all users. No sign-up. No authentication.}
  2. You can use the ideas of this app in CEG3900 Collaborative Sudoku.
  3. Installable APK ./Firebase-Demo.apk Install this on multiple real/virtual devices. Network connection is needed. [Firebase-Demo is the name given by its author. When I get a chance I will rename it Public Notes Taker.]
  4. Read through this tutorial. Easy to understand. Source at GitHub, Aug 2016.
  5. sloccount:: java 5638 + sh 120 + …
  6. Study the code: Java file names: Firebase Demo Application, Main Activity, Note Item Touch Helper Callback, Note Recycler ViewAdapter, Deletion Listener, Note, Note Activity
  1. {Notes for DrPM: Sutherland:/usr/local/android-APK-src/FirebaseNoteTaker}

3 Friendly Pix

  1. https://github.com/firebase/friendlypix "Friendly Pix is a sample app demonstrating how a photo sharing social network can be built using the Firebase Platform."
  2. Uses Firebase Analytics, Realtime Database, Crash Reporting, Authentication, Storage. Cross-platform.
  3. Visit https://friendly-pix.com to try a hosted instance of the web app.
  4. sloccount:: java 1979 + sh 120;
  5. Doxygen-erated HTML automated formatting of existing documentation in source code files.
  6. CEG 3900 documentation of Friendly Pix. A description of its design. Contributions from students are welcome.
  7. {Notes for DrPM: Sutherland:/usr/local/android-APK-src/friendlypix}

4 Firepad

  1. https://github.com/firebase/firepad JavaScript "Firepad is an open-source, collaborative code and text editor. It is designed to be embedded inside larger web applications." Visit http://demo.firepad.io/ to see a live demo of Firepad in rich text mode, or the examples page to see it setup for collaborative code editing. wc -l $(find firepad/ -name '*.js') == 8029

5 ToDoApp

  1. ToDoApp This tutorial demonstrates how to write a mobile app with backend data storage, real-time synchronization, and email notifications using Firebase and Google App Engine. https://cloud.google.com/solutions/mobile/firebase-app-engine-android-studio; https://cloud.google.com/solutions/mobile/mobile-app-backend-services This article provides guidance for building, connecting, testing, and monitoring mobile backend services using Google Cloud Platform. Links to code samples and sample applications follow each design pattern.; Most mobile apps and games need a backend service for things that can’t be done solely on-device, such as sharing and processing data from multiple users, or storing large files.

6 GeoFire

  1. https://github.com/firebase/geofire "GeoFire for Java - Real time location queries with Firebase. GeoFire is set of open-source libraries for JavaScript, Objective-C, and Java that allow you to store and query a set of keys based on their geographic location. At its heart, GeoFire simply stores locations with string keys. Its main benefit, however, is the possibility of retrieving only those keys within a given geographic area - all in real time."

7 Android Drawing

  1. https://github.com/firebase/AndroidDrawing This is a legacy Firebase example. CEG 3900 Bonus Project. Fix this sample so that it works without deprecation with current Firebase SDK.

8 Password Recovery in the Cloud

  1. ../Passwords Password Recovery in the Cloud. CEG 3900 Project for Spring 2017. Consists of P4, P5, P6 and P7. Nothing questionable, illegal, or unethical. Provides us subject matter for cloud computing.

9 End

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