Our Research Team

The MSCBL (March 2019). From left to right: Saurav Kadel (M.S. student), Justin Warner (B.S. student), Johana Barrientos (B.S. student), Jason Shar (Ph.D. student), Philippe Sucosky (PI)

Laboratory Personnel

Philippe Sucosky,PhD, FAHA
MSCBL Director and Associate Professor of Mechanical Engineering

Expertise: experimental and computational fluid dynamics, mechanobiology, biophysics, medical devices

Jason Shar,PhD student

Group leader, Computational Cardiovascular Hemodynamics

Expertise: fluid-structure interaction modeling, anatomic reconstruction

Saurav Kadel,MS student

Group leader, Experimental Cardiovascular Hemodynamics

Expertise: particle-image velocimetry, pulse duplicator, ventricular hemodynamics

Johana Barrientos,BS student

Group leader, Cardiovascular Mechanobiology

Expertise: mechanobiology, culture systems, immunoblotting, immunohistochemistry

Justin Warner,BS student

Expertise: tissue and cell cultures, immunoblotting, immunohistochemistry

Visiting Scholars

Anna O'Donnell,PhD student
Cincinnati Children’s Medical Center

Our Alumni

Samantha Atkins,PhD
Postdoctoral Fellow, Harvard Medical School

Kai Cao,PhD
Technical Support Engineer II, ANSYS, Inc.

Ling Sun,PhD
Data Scientist, University of Notre Dame

Clara Seaman,PhD
Mechanical Engineer, Office of Mine Safety and Health Research, National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

Janet Liu,MS

Ashish Madan,MS

Andrew McNally,MS
Product Development Engineer, Avalign Technologies

Daniel Hoehn,MS
Senior Design Engineer, CoreLink Surgical

Our Collaborators

Sundeep Keswani,MD
Pediatric Surgeon, Fetal Surgeon, Surgical Director of Basic Science Research, Texas Children's Hospital

Expertise: pediatric Surgery, general surgery, fetal intervention

Jane Grande-Allen,PhD
Professor, Rice University, Department of Bioengineering

Expertise: heart valve biomechanics, extracellular matrix, glycosaminoglycans

Katherine Yutzey,PhD
Professor, University of Cincinnati, Department of Pediatrics

Expertise: molecular regulation of heart development, valve development and disease, cardiomyocyte proliferation, cardiac connective tissue lineages

Nalini Rajamannan,MD
Medical Director, Most Sacred Heart of Jesus Cardiology and Valvular Institute

Expertise: valvular heart disease, echocardiography, lipid disorders, hypertension

George Akingba,MD, PhD
Vascular Surgeon, Indiana University School of Medicine

Expertise: vascular surgery, vascular access, medical devices, bioinstrumentation, bioMEMS

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