BioTEaM Seminar Series


The Bio-Transport, Engineering and Mechanics (BioTEaM) Seminar Series is an interdisciplinary seminar for students, postdocs and faculty members involved in medical and biological systems engineering at Wright State University. The BioTEaM seminar series include original research and journal club presentations by the participants on a rotating basis, in a collegial and informal environment.

The topics discussed include:
1. Mechanobiology
2. Biofluid mechanics
3. Biomaterials
4. Medical imaging
5. Tissue engineering
6. Patient-specific modeling and surgical planning
7. Medical devices
8. Nano- & micro-medicine
9. Translational research


Speakers are expected to present their recent research for 30 minutes, allowing ample time for discussion and questions. Students should always provide ample background or literature review for their projects, especially first and second year students. All students should consult with their advisor(s) prior to presenting.


To foster a dynamic, positively-reinforced atmosphere of research activity amongst participating students by:

1. developing experience preparing and presenting conference-quality presentations in a reoccurring time-frame
2. taking a "step back" from day-to-day tasks to reflect on the "big-picture" of the project and take inventory of progress
3. receiving feedback from a wider range of peers and advisors
4. participating in scholarly discussions developing critical thinking skills
5. stimulating further intellectual discussion, questions and fortuitous ideas outside the meeting

Schedule (spring 2019)

Meeting time: TBD
Meeting location: TBD
Presentation title







Faculty Coordinators

Philippe Sucosky, PhD FAHA

Associate Professor, Mechanical & Materials Engineering
Expertise: cardiovascular mechanics, hemodynamics, experimental and computational flow characterization, valvular, vascular and ventricular mechanobiology

Nasim Nosoudi, PhD

Faculty, Biomedical, Industrial, and Human Factors Engineering
Expertise: theragnostic nanomedicine, cardiovascular disease, targeted therapy, nanomedicine, tissue engineering, biomaterials

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