CS499/699 Introduction to Information Retrieval

Course Objective

Course Prerequisite

Course Description

This course covers models for information retrieval, techniques for indexing and searching, algorithms for classification and clustering, latent semantic indexing, link analysis and ranking. 

Course Load

The course load includes a programming project, a presentation, a midterm exam and a final exam. 

Required Texts

Recommended Texts

Reference URLs


The A/B/C/D/F letter grade will be assigned at the end of the course.  

 Tentative Class Schedule and Syllabus

  Topics Addl. Reading
Class 1 Information Retrieval; The Boolean Model MIR-1
Class 2 The Vector Space Model : Term Weighting and Scoring MIR-2 (IIR-6)
Class 3 Inverted Index Construction IIR-1 (MIR-8.2)
Class 4 Dictionary and Postings; Query Processing IIR-2 (MIR-7.2)
Class 5 Tolerant Retrieval IIR-3
Class 6 Index Construction IIR-4 (MG-5)
Class 7 Index Compression IIR-5 (MG 3.3-4)
Class 8 Evaluation in Information Retrieval MIR-3 (IIR-8)
Class 9

Midterm Exam (July ##)

Class 10 Relevance Feedback and Query Expansion IIR-9 (MIR-5.2-4)
Class 11 Vector Space Classification IIR-14
Class 12 Flat Clustering


Class 13  Hierarchical Clustering


Class 14 Web Characteristics


Class 15 (cont'd)  
Class 16 Web Search: Crawling and Indexes


Class 17 Link Analysis


Class 18 Support Vector Machines IIR-15
Class 19 Linear Algebra: Matrix Decompositions SVD-URL
Class 20  Latent Semantic Indexing



Final Exam (August ##)

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