CS 340 Programming Language Workshop in C# (1 Credit)

  • Office Hrs : TTh, 3-4pm 395 Joshi Research Center (or by appointment)
  • One and Only Class : Jan 5, Thursday, 3pm-3:30pm, 399 JC

  • Course Description

    This course is designed as a self-study in C#. You are expected to learn the language and solve a set of programming problems assigned to you using MS Visual Studio .NET. There are no exams. We officially meet only once in the quarter. However,  I will be available in the posted office hours for clarifications and discussions about the programming problems.


    Course Text





    Each programming assignment will be graded as Pass/Unsatisfactory, and the letter grade 'P' or 'U' will be assigned at the end of the course.

    Course Policies

    1. All work must be turned-in before March 8, 2012. 
    2. Do not expect an incomplete for any reason. Each assignment will also have a separate deadline.
    3. You must pass all the assignments to pass the course.
    4. Each program should be well-documented and adequately tested.
    5. You must turnin the source code runnable using MS Visual Studio .NET, a README.txt with a brief description of the design and use of the code (and where applicable, a sample output), as a single zip-archive for each assignment. To turnin the assignment number ? (where ? = 1,2,3,4), create the archive asg?.zip, and execute the following shell command on unixapps1:
      /common/public/tkprasad/cs340/turnin-pa?  asg?.zip README.txt
    6. You may also be required to demonstrate your code in my office hours after the due date.

    Assignments (Contains information for three different books listed above)

    Topic Problems, Page No. Due Date

    Palindrome: Ex. 4.14, pp. 138 OR Ex. 5.30 Page 221 OR Ex. 5.30 Page 219

    Jan 17



    Maze Traversal: Ex. 7.11, pp. 279 OR Ex. 8.21 Page 395 OR Ex. 8.21 Page 393

    Feb 14


    Guessing Game: Ex. 12.7, pp. 518 OR Ex. 13.8 Page 647 OR Ex. 14.8 Page 676

    Feb 28

    Data Structures

     Infix2Postfix: Ex. 23.6, pp. 1208 OR Ex. 25.6 Page 1363 OR Ex. 26.6 Page 1353

    Mar 8


    T. K. Prasad (Jan 3, 2012 )