Database Research Laboratory

at 446 Russ Center


Director: Soon M. Chung

Dept. of Computer Science and Engineering

Wright State University

Dayton, Ohio 45435

937-775-5119 (voice)

937-775-5133 (fax)

soon.chung [at] wright [dot] edu




Major Research Topics


      Semantic privacy-preserving access control

      Text mining.

      Transactional memories

      Human activity recognition from 3D point cloud patches

      Fusion of big data

      Parallel/distributed data mining

      Data Grid system.




Recent Research Projects


      Clustering and Visualization of Geotagged Text Data for Crisis Management

      Detection and Segmentation of Dynamic Human Signatures from Clustered LlDAR Streams. AFRL/DAGSI.

      Visualization and Fusion of Big Data. AFRL/DAGSI.

      Intelligent Model Assisted Sensing System for Fast and Accurate Nuclear Material

Interrogation. Domestic Nuclear Detection Office (DNDO) and NSF/Purdue University

      Service-oriented integration of distributed biomechanical engineering resources.


      Large integrated database for epidemiological studies. AFRL/DAGSI.

      Work-centered software system. AFRL/DAGSI.

      Development of parallel data mining algorithms for text and formatted databases. 

AFRL/Wright Brothers Institute (WBI).

      Development of a parallel text data mining system.  LexisNexis.

      Parallel data mining on a cluster of workstations.  Ohio Board of Regents (OBR).

      Teradata Warehouse system.  Teradata.



   Lab Members


      Anthony Wiliamitis, Ph.D. student

      Nathaniel Crossman, Ph.D. student

      Ryan Sperl, M.S. student

      Hamza Abdel-Latif, M.S. student



Recent Graduates


      Sydney Barnard, M.S., 2018

      Andrew Mocniak, M.S., 2016

      Huaining Cheng, Ph.D., 2015

      Sang Mork Park, Ph.D., 2010

      Vineela Muppavarapu, Ph.D., 2009

      Yanjun Li, Ph.D. 2007

      Marwan Maarouf, Ph.D. 2007

      Anil Pereira, Ph.D. 2007

      Eric Master, M.S., 2007

      James Knapp, M.S., 2006

      Congnan Luo, Ph.D. 2006