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Last update Fall 2010

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Ph.D. School of Engineering
          University of Dayton
M.S.   Mathematics
          Wright State University
A.B.    Physics & Mathematics
          Wilmington College

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Research Interests:
Numerical Linear Algebra,
Computational Science,
Nonlinear Dynamical Systems.

Prior to joining the WSU faculty in 1997, Dr. Taylor conducted research and software development as a physicist and aerospace engineer at Wright-Patterson AFB, held computer staff and research/teaching positions at Sinclair Community College and the University of Dayton. Dr. Taylor has conducted funded research in optimization, nonlinear dynamical systems, and computational science.  He has over 25 years teaching experience in numerical linear algebra, numerical methods, and programming languages for engineers and scientists.  Recently, under NSF funding, he has given several papers at international conferences on the role of computational science in the undergraduate curriculum. Dr. Taylor also advises undergraduate students in the Computer Science and Engineering Department.