Cyber Security Lectures

Prabhaker Mateti

Below are notes to my lectures on a laboratory-based course on Cyber Security suitable for senior undergraduates and beginning graduate students.  The green bar indicates that there is a lab experiment associated with that lecture.  Suggestions for improvement are always welcome.

CEG4420 syllabus       Course syllabus, our first class handout
Week-by-Week       This describes the order in which these topics are covered
CEG429 syllabus       Course syllabus, our first class handout
Course Intro       Introduction to CEG 429/629 Internet Security Course
CEG429 Week-by-Week       This describes the order in which these topics are covered
BootUp       From Powering up to Login Prompt
NetUtils       Various LAN utilities
TCPIP       TCP/IP Refresher
Sniffers       Network sniffers
Config       Configuring a system properly
Fortification       Improving the Security of a System Beyond Proper Configuration
HardenOS       Hardening an OS
Password       Cracking passwords
Cryptography       Essentials of Cryptography for Internet Security
Authentication       User, Node and Service Authentication
Viruses       Viruses,Worms, and Trojans
RootKits       How to hide what you are doing
BackDoors       Discovering backdoors in well-known programs and OS
BufferOverflow       The notorious and ever-present security problem
SecSoftware       Writing better software, security-wise
PacketFilter       Setting up a Packet Filter on Linux
Firewalls       Firewalls, and how to setup one
Probing       Scanning the network
IPspoof       IP spoofing
TCPexploits       Exploiting the weaknesses of TCP
IntrusionDetection       Intrusion detection techniques
Audit       Security Audit of Computer Systems and LANs
CGI-Vulnerabilities       CGI-Vulnerabilities
Privacy       The loss of privacy, and how to regain it
SSH       Secure Shell
Ethics       Ethics of hacking, cracking and attacking.
Sowgandh S. Gadi       Security Hardened Kernels for Linux Servers, MS Thesis, 2004.
Karthik Mohanasundaram       Security Hardening of the Process init of Linux, MS Thesis, 2004.
Sripriya Subramanian       Sniffing the Ethernet with High Quality Tools, M. S. Thesis 2003.
Venkata RKR Pothamsetty       Lab Setup For Courses On Internet Security, M. S. Thesis, 2000.
SIGCSE2003 slides       Slides of my presentation at SIGCSE2003, Feb 21,2003
SIGCSE2003 paper       PDF of the paper appearing in the Proceedings of SIGCSE2003.

2014  • This work was supported in part by NSF DUE-9951380.