Android Framework: Binder

Table of Contents

Abstract: Android Binder is a mechanism for IPC between processes within one device. It adapts the RPC (remote procedure call) to the Android setting.

1 Prerequisites: Android Interfaces and Architecture

  1. Application Framework
  2. Binder IPC Proxies
  3. Android System Services
  4. Hardware Abstraction Layer (HAL)
  5. Linux Kernel
  6. Android Internals

2 Android Binder IPC Overview

  1. IPC == Inter Process Communication mechanism
  2. RPC == Remote Procedure Call, P calls Q, P and Q in diff processes
  3. IPC over Binder
  4. Why Binder instead of Conventional IPC?
  5. ./binder-ipc.html

3 Binder Internals

  1. Binder Process
  2. Binder Device
  3. Design Patterns Used in the Binder
  4. ./binder-internals.html


  1. AIDL == Android Interface Definition Language
  2. Bound Services
  3. Defining and Implementing an AIDL Interface
  4. Passing Objects over IPC
  5. Calling an IPC Method
  6. ./binder-aidl.html

5 Android Binder Exploits

  1. "Man in the Binder: He who controls IPC, controls the Droid."
  2. IMemory Native Interface is Insecure for IPC Use.
  3. Fuzzing And Exploiting Parcelization Vulnerabilities
  4. BinderCracker
  5. ./binder-exploits.html

6 References

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7 End

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