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Activities and Programs for 2012 -2013


I.  Academic Excellence

The Academic Excellence program is designed to help increase the grade point average (GPA) of NSBE students.  Each semester the Academic Excellence Committee sponsors workshops on time management, career development, and studying/test taking skills.  This past academic year we also implemented the 3.0 Crew concepts into the Academic Excellence program.  The purpose of the 3.0 Crew is to utilize peer relationships to motivate and challenge each other to increase GPA.  This program encourages Professor/TA interaction, study group sessions, and peer support in order to help NSBE members obtain academic success and a degree in engineering.


A.  Study Breaks

Study breaks are designed to give students both a time and place to take a break from studying. Students are encouraged to drop by, have some refreshments, and talk with other classmates for about an hour. Study breaks are designed to release some of the stress and anxiety that is felt during exam preparation.


B.  Test Taking Skills Workshop

The Test Taking Skills Workshop focuses on exam preparation, managing test anxiety, and post-test strategies.  Students will learn how to prepare for different types of exams such as Multiple Choice, True/False, Problem Solving, and Essays.  The Five Day Study plan is also explained.  The workshop shows students how to deal with and reduce anxiety before and during exams.  Students also learn how to use quizzes and old exams to help them prepare for upcoming tests.


C.  Time Management Workshop

The Time Management Workshop is designed to show students how to use their time more efficiently.  Participants are taught the skills necessary to balance academic work and extracurricular activities effectively.  A facilitator shows students how to manage their time by using to-do lists, schedules, planners, and long range calendars.  The workshop acts on the basis that in order to be a successful student, you need to be able to plan well and know exactly what needs to be done and when it needs to be done.  Students are also enlightened on the dangers of procrastination.


II. Alumni Extension

The Alumni Extension program is a new program which has been developed to increase contact between NSBE- WSU alumni and current members.  NSBE-WSU’s goal is to create a strong database of alumni who would be willing to support NSBE-WSU through workshops and mentoring programs.

III. Conferences

Each semester, NSBE chapters attend conferences to discuss accomplishments, gauge progress in the long-range strategic plan both locally and nationally, and outline future objectives focused toward NSBE’s purpose.  Chapters also make proposals on how we can continue the process of continuous improvement that makes NSBE the successful organization it is and moves it closer to the goal of preparing, retaining, and graduating minority engineers.


A.  Summer Leadership Conference

The Summer Leadership Conference allows incoming officers to gain better understanding of the duties and responsibilities associated with their position.  A variety of workshops are provided to teach many important skills. These workshops include team building, the delegation of power, public relations, and the fundamental aspects of chapter financing and marketing.  This year the Summer Leadership Conference will be in Columbus, Ohio November 12, 2009


B. Fall Regional Conference

The Fall Regional Conference creates an atmosphere of technical development, cultural awareness, and networking among NSBE members and professionals. This is where members learn more of the NSBE history and is encouraged to become active Zone, Regional and National members.  Members also have an opportunity to display their talents in events such as the African American Quiz Bowl and the Academic Technical Bowl.  NSBE-NU’s goal is to take 20 members to each conference.  This year the Fall Regional Conference will be hosted by Perrysburg, OH from August 06, 2009. 


C.  National Convention

The National Convention is the highlight of the year for most NSBE members.  It provides members with the opportunity to participate in extensive workshops that promote and teach personal and professional development and cultural awareness.   The grand career fair enables future engineers to network with corporate representatives from all over the nation.  Valuable contact can be made with corporate representatives, NSBE alumni, recruiters, graduate school representatives, and students from other colleges.  NSBE-WSU’s goal is to take twenty of our members to the National Convention because it is such a valuable experience.  This year the National Convention will be held in Toronto Canada from March 31 – April 04, 2010.


IV. Continuing the Legacy

One of the most important responsibilities of any organization is preserving its history.  This responsibility falls to the NSBE- WSU historian who, with the assistance of the historian’s committee known as “Continuing the Legacy,” documents all NSBE- WSU events for prosperity.  This is done through taking pictures and accurately documenting each one.  In addition, NSBE paraphernalia such as flyers and newsletters are collected and preserved.  This allows NSBE members to see what has been done in previous years and how successful we have been.

V.  Mentoring

One of the biggest advantages that members of NSBE- WSU have is the benefit of knowing students, especially upperclassmen, within their field of study.  NSBE- WSU has developed a mentoring program in which upperclassmen and graduate students act as peer advisors for undergraduates.  By sharing their knowledge of classes, graduation requirements, professors, and homework, they are able to help undergraduates avoid possible mistakes and keep them on the right track.  These mentors - protégé relationships are expected to continue through the college years of an undergraduate, and to form a cycle in which former protégé give advice to current protégé and so on.


VI. Pre-College Initiative (PCI)

The Pre-College Initiative Program is designed to motivate and encourage youth to pursue an interest in the science and engineering majors.  During this past academic year, NSBE- WSU provided youth in grades K - 12 with hands-on experiments and demonstrations from different engineering and science disciplines.  General science applications provide in-depth experiences in mathematics, physics, biology, and chemistry.  To increase youth participation, projects are held at the Greater NSBEville Area Center (GNAC).  This center hosts a variety of after school educational and recreational programs for under privileged children


This past academic year our PCI committee coordinated an Engineering Youth Conference for the youth of the NSBEville community.  This conference provided under privileged children with the chance to learn and explore career and academic opportunities.


VII. Professional Programs

To prepare undergraduates for the corporate world that succeeds their academic career, NSBE- WSU engages in many professional programs and activities.  These activities include events such as development workshops, where students and corporate representatives share their experiences in areas such as resume writing and interviewing techniques.  NSBE- WSU also has professors and corporate representatives speak to its undergraduates about research and work opportunities, as well as give valuable corporate survival information to our members.