T.K.Prasad, Director

Dr. T. K. Prasad (Krishnaprasad Thirunarayan) is currently a Professor at Wright State University. Dr. Prasad received his Ph.D. degree in Computer Science from the State University of New York at Stony Brook in December 1989, his M.E. in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Science in Bangalore, India in 1984, and his B.Tech. in Electrical Engineering from the Indian Institute of Technology, Madras, India in 1982. His doctoral dissertation was entitled "The Semantics of Inheritance Networks." Dr. Prasad's research interests are in  knowledge-representation and reasoning, semantic web, and programming languages.


Current Masters Thesis / Doctoral Disseratation  Students

Pramod Anantharam :  Dissertation Area: Using semantics to integrate declaraative and statistical data and detecting anomaly  (Co-Advisor: Dr. Amit Sheth)

Tentative Title: "Cyber-physical System Analytics using Probabilistic Graphical Models Enhanced with Knowledge Bases"

Kalpa Gunaratna:  Dissertation Area: Ontology Alignment/Entity Summarization  (Co-Advisor: Dr. Amit Sheth)

Jacob Ross: Masters Thesis Area: "Credibility and Social Media."

Current Student Collaborators

Cory Henson :  Doctoral Dissertation Title: "A Semantics-based Approach to Machine Perception"  (Now with: Bosch Research and Technology Center ) (Advisor: Dr. Amit Sheth)

Kevin Cleereman : Tentative Doctoral Dissertation Title: "Programming Language Support for Safe Memory Management". (Leave of absence)

(See also Kno.e.sis Website)

Selected Recent Alumni

Dharan K. Althuru: Masters Thesis: "Distributed Local Trust Propagation Model and its Cloud-based Implementation." (Now with: eBay)

Chad Arnold :  Doctoral Dissertation Title: "Combating Integriry Attacks in Industrial Control Systems" (Now with: NASIC) (Co-Advisor: Dr. Jonathan Butt).

Joshua Pschorr: Masters Thesis: "Semantic Sensor Observation Service (SemSOS): An Architecture for Query, Insertion, and Discovery for Semantic Sensor Networks", 2013 (Now with: Amazon) (Winner of 2010 Graduate Student Excellence Award for M.S. in C.S.)

Brian P. Diekelman: Undergraduate Thesis: "Structural Typing on the Java Virtual Machine with invokedynamic", 2012. (Now with: GoDaddy) (Winner of 2012 Undergraduate Research Support Grant and 2012-2013 CECS Award for Outstanding BS-CEG Student.)

Trivikram Immaneni: Doctoral Dissertation Title: "A Hybrid Approach to Retrieving Web Documents and Semantic Web Data" (Now with: ProofPoint, Earlier with: Disney (Tapulous),   Technorati) (Winner of Graduate Student Excellence Award for Ph.D. in CSE.)

Stephen P. Carl, Doctoral Dissertation Title: "A Framework for Experimentation in Memory Management Systems". (Now tenured Associate Professor at: University of South)

Mastan Vali Shaik: Masters Thesis Title: "Design and Implementation of Timeline Application for News Documents". (Consultant)

Venkatkalyan Potturi, Masters Thesis Title: "Implementation for a Coherent Keyword-Based XML Query Language".

Sylvia George, Masters Thesis Title: "Word Correlation Assistant for Query Refinement".

Dhanya Ravishankar, Masters Thesis Title : "Document Indexing and Semantic Search". (Winner of 2004 Graduate Student Excellence Award for M.S. in C.S.)

Prasanna Soundarapandian, Masters Thesis Title: "Information Extraction for Reorganizing Specifications".

Recent Awards

Dr. T. K. Prasad won 2007-2008 College of Engineering and Computer Science Outstanding Faculty Award, 2011 Indian International Conference on AI Achievement Award, and 2011 Fritz J. Russ Award from Dayton Section of the IEEE. Dr. Trivikram Immaneni won 2008 Graduate Student Excellence Award for Ph.D. degree in Computer Science and Engineering, Joshua Pschorr won 2010 Graduate Student Excellence Award for M.S. in C.S., and Brian Diekelman won 2012-2013 CECS Award for Outstanding BS-CEG Student.







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