Wright Stepp TOP

Wright State University,
College of Engineering & Computer Science,
405 Russ Engineering Center,
3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy., Dayton, Ohio 45435-5001

Call (937) 775-5001 or email Wright STEPP




The WRIGHT STEPP target group is seventh through tenth grade students in participating Dayton Public and Springfield City Schools. Participants must be nominated by their math and science teachers, attend a briefing with their parents, complete an application, write an essay, and complete an interview. Forty-five new students from the seventh grade are selected each year. A small number of students from grades 8-10 are selected to fill empty slots made available through attrition from the previous summerıs students who do not return to the program.

Approximately 180 students attend the program each summer. Participants are eligible to receive full tuition (four year) scholarships to Wright State University if they successfully complete four summers of participation in the program, and meet specified academic criteria in high school.