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Data Mining Research Lab

Kno.e.sis Center of Excellence
Dept of Computer Sci & Engr
Wright State University
3640 Colonel Glenn Hwy.
Dayton, OH 45435-0001 


Call for Book Chapters

  • Book title: Feature Engineering for Machine Learning and Data Analytics
  • Publisher: The CRC Press, USA
  • The book will be in the Chapman & Hall/CRC Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery Series.
  • Details can be found here
  • Research Interests

    Data Mining and Knowledge Discovery; Prediction Modeling; Regression Modeling and Analysis; Classification Modeling and Analysis; Blog Mining; Medical Data Mining; Data Cube and OLAP; Bioinformatics, Mining of Microarray Gene Expression Data; Knowledge Transfer Oriented Data Mining; Mining of Business and Scientific Data; Mining and Management of Text/Image/Time-Series Data; Data Warehousing; Workflow and Active Databases; Database Languages; Datalog and Deductive Databases; Database Theory


    Data Mining; Database Management; Advanced Database Systems; Advanced Data Mining; Data Warehousing; Data Structures and Algorithms; Theoretical Foundation of Computing;

    Recent Sponsored Projects (more details available here)


    Resources on Contrast Mining, Emerging Pattern Mining, and Applications

  • 2011 list of papers on Contrast Mining and Applications, and the corresponding bibtex file.

  • Presentation:Survey on Contrast Data Mining and Applications, December 2011..

  • 2011 International Workshop on Contrast Data Mining and Applications..

  • Tutorial slides:Contrast Data Mining: Methods and Applications (delivered at 2007 IEEE ICDM, by James Bailey and Guozhu Dong).

  • 2007 list of papers on Mining of Emerging Patterns, Changes, Contrasts/Differences. .

  • Recent Activities


    Professional Society Membership

    PhD Students and Masters Students


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