EE-735: Wireless Communication

Syllabus and Lecture Notes

Instructor: Arnab K. Shaw

Department of Electrical Engineering

Wright State University

Dayton OH 45435-0001

Tel: 937-775-5064 Fax: 937-775-3936



Course Outline: (R)-Rappaport; (S)-Sklar; numbers denote Chapters

The following topics will be covered over two quarters. Coverage of the material will follow the sequence as listed below. Topics remaining at the end of EE-735 will be covered in EE-746 in the Spring Quarter, 2003. Students are encouraged to choose their Course Project topics for a more in-depth study beyond class material.

        History of wireless communication, and future trends (R1, R2)

        Wireless Generations and Standards (R1, R2)

        Cellular Concept and Cellular System Fundamentals (R3)

        Trunking Cell Splitting and Sectoring (R3)

        Mobile Radio signal propagation, path loss and channel models (R4, R5)

        Large Scale Path Loss (R4)

        Small Scale Path Loss - Rayleigh and Rician Fading (R5)

        Analog Modulation Schemes for Wireless Communication - AM/FM (R6)

        Digital Modulation Techniques for Wireless Communication

        Preliminaries (S3, R6)

        Baseband Modulation Schemes : Matched Filter and Detection Theory (S4, R6)

        Bandpass Modulation Techniques (S4, S9, R6)

        Fading Counteraction Diversity, Coding and Interleaving (R4, S15)

        Source and Channel Coding (S, R)

        Speech Coding for Wireless Communications (S, R)

        Adaptive Equalization (S, R)

        Multipath Propagation, Doppler (R)

        Multiplexing and Multiple Access techniques (R8, S11)

        TDMA (R8, S11)

        FDMA (R8, S11)

        ALOHA - Packet Radio (R8, S11)

        Spread Spectrum-CDMA (S12, R5)

        Frequency Hopped Spread Spectrum (R5, S12)

        Inter-Symbol Interference (ISI) (R, S)

        ISI mitigation; Equalization (R, S)

        Random Access Protocols (S, R)

        Wireless Networking (R)

        Wireless Standards (R)

        Third generation systems and advanced topics (R)

        Wideband-CDMA, MCCDMA (R)

        OFDM principles; Comparison of OFDM and CDMA

        WLAN and Bluetooth (R)