Special Issue of CVIU on

Nonrigid Image Registration


This special issue will address the problem of registering images of deformable scenes acquired from different viewpoints and/or different times. Papers are sought that advance the theoretical foundations of this important problem or present new applications in which nonrigid registration plays a major role. Of particular interest in the context of the special issue are innovative methods for registering two or more images or objects subject to nonlinear geometric differences, as well as medical, industrial, and remote sensing applications where nonrigid registration is required to fuse multimodal data, detect scene change, compute image flow, estimate motion, or recognize objects.

Guest Editors
Important Dates
Information for Authors

Papers should be prepared according to the CVIU guideline and submitted in electronic or hardcopy form. For an electronic submission, please follow the instructions provided at http://noodle.med.yale.edu/cviu-nonrigid/submit.html .For a hardcopy submission, please send five copies of the paper to: Prof. Ardeshir Goshtasby, Department of Computer Science and Engineering, 303 Russ Engineering Center, Wright State University, Dayton, OH 45435, U.S.A.

Further Information

Please contact one of the guest editors: Dr. Goshtasby, Dr. Staib, Dr. Studholme, or Dr. Terzopoulos.

Papers Recommended for Publication
  1. Guest Editors' Introduction
    A. Goshtasby, L. Staib, C. Studholme, and D. Terzopoulos
  2. A new point matching algorithm for non-rigid registration
    H. Chui and A. Rangarajan
  3. Non-rigid registration using distance functions
    N. Paragios and M. Rousson
  4. A new image registration technique with free boundary constraints: application to mammographs
    F. Richard and L. Cohen
  5. Active blobs: region-based, deformable appearance models
    S. Sclaroff and J. Isidoro
  6. An integrated range-sensing, segmentation and registration framework for the characterization of intra-surgical brain
    M.A. Audette, K. Siddiqi, F. Ferrie, and T. Peters
  7. 3-D brain surface matching based on geodesics and local geometry
    Y. Wang, B. Peterson, and L. Staib
  8. Iconic feature based non-rigid registration: the PASHA algorithm
    P. Cachier, E. Bardinet, D. Dormont, X. Pennec, and N. Ayache
  9. Nonrigid brain registration: Synthesizing deformation fields from model basis solutions driven by intraoperative sparse data
    K. Lunn, K. Paulsen, D. Roberts, F. Kennedy, and A. Hartov