4+1 Program

All of our programs offer the opportunity to complete your Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degrees in 5 years. Students apply to the program their junior year and take some graduate level courses their senior year. Take advantage of this opportunity to complete two degrees in 5 years! Full-tuition scholarships for your 5th year are available for students that have a 3.7 GPA.


Academic Advising

All first-year students are advised by academic advisors in the College. This initiative helps students get on the right track from day one at Wright State. Having a resource within the College to help register for classes, find out about scholarship opportunities and serve as a one-stop shop for questions encourages success in and out of the classroom.

Contact your advisor for more information.



Engineering Math

Our introductory engineering mathematics course, which is funded by the National Science Foundation, provides students with the necessary math skills to succeed in engineering. Through hands-on and application-oriented learning, this course provides an overview of the salient math topics most heavily used in the core sophomore-level engineering courses. In addition, this course serves as motivation for the rigorous calculus courses to come. This course has received national recognition for its success in achieving high student retention.

Find out more at http://www.engineering.wright.edu/cecs/engmath/index.html


Academic Advantage Program

Jump right into fall semester with the Academic Advantage Program! This one-week summer program will give you a crash course on college math so that you can retake the math placement test for a better score. Here’s how it works: You will have fun meeting other new students majoring in Engineering or Computer Science, you will get to refresh your math skills, and then you will retake the math placement test for a higher score. A higher score means that you will place in higher math classes and get to eliminate some classes. Because the Academic Advantage Program takes place prior to fall semester, you’ll make a seamless transition into college and can even move in early to your permanent room assignment. If you’re a commuting student, you can commute to the program. The Academic Advantage Program has a successful track record - 70% of the students who retake the math placement test at the end of the week move up at least one level.

To register for the program, visit the AAP page.


Co-op and Internships

Are you looking for a chance to test-drive your career? The College'€™s optional co-op program will allow you to apply what you learn in the classroom, explore career possibilities, and get paid! Co-ops are available on a full-time or part-time basis and we work with major companies like Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Honda, GE, Lexis Nexis, and Reynolds and Reynolds. Most co-ops are paid, with an average starting salary of $15/hour. You can begin your co-op experience as early as your sophomore year and have the option to earn credit as well. Find out more by contacting the Brandeberry Career Development Center.



Need a little extra help? We've got you covered with FREE tutoring!

The College offers free peer tutoring for courses offered each semester in the Student Study Lounge on the first floor of the Russ Engineering Center. There is also an additional Help Room dedicated to serving Computer Science and Computer Engineering students. Each Wright State student is entitled to 1 hour of free tutoring per week for every 1000-level course.

There are also great resources outside of the College:

  • University Writing Center - €”Located in the basement of the Library in room 031, this is a full-service writing center where peer tutors can help you with your writing assignments. Learn more about how the Writing Center can help you: http://www.wright.edu/uc/success/services/writing-center.html
  • Math Learning Center - €”Located in the Student Academic Success Center in 031 Dunbar Library, the Math Learning Center can provide you with the help you need for your math classes. Learn more about how the Math Learning Center can help you: http://www.wright.edu/uc/success/services/math-learning-center.html
  • Supplemental Instruction—Supplemental Instruction (SI) is a way to help students review course concepts, improve their study habits, and become better prepared for exams and course assignments. A trained SI student leader, working in consultation with the professor, conducts routine SI group study sessions outside of the class throughout the quarter. Students enrolled in the class may attend as many of the free SI sessions as they desire in order to review course material and have concepts reinforced. Learn more about Supplemental Instruction: http://www.wright.edu/uc/success/programs/supplemental-instruction.html


Peer Mentors

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed by the whole college experience? We™ will help you make a smoother transition through our mentoring program, in which first-year students are paired with upperclassmen. Mentors will help you navigate through the ins and outs of the College, find classes, learn about the numerous student organizations, and do major social networking with other students through the College'€™s many fun activities. Mentors can help you make valuable connections and be some of your first friends on campus. Find out more at peer mentors page.


Student Clubs

The College of Engineering and Computer Science has 20 student clubs you can be a part of. Clubs provide great social, networking and leadership development. Get involved and you could attend a national conference, enjoy a billiards tournament, tour a local engineering plant, or form a study group. Find out more at the clubs and organizations page.


Study Abroad

Get your passport ready! The College offers exciting, once-in-a-lifetime summer study abroad experiences in Taiwan, Germany, Japan and Africa. These summer programs are for course credit. Find out more at http://www.wright.edu/ucie/abroad/


Undergraduate Research Opportunities

By participating in undergraduate research, you will have the opportunity to work alongside world class faculty and apply the latest technologies and theories related to your major. Every student has the opportunity to be eligible for participation in undergraduate research.