Join us for the 15th Annual Trebuchet Competition!
Mark the date: April 14, 2015


This FREE competition has grown to include almost 80 teams each bringing a set of 4 trebuchets to the field of honor at the Nutter Center on the Wright State University Campus. The competition encourages (with the help of teachers):

  • Teamwork
  • Individual responsibility
  • Creativity
  • Math and Science Skills
  • Experimental design
  • FUN

Why not work the trebuchet competition into your lesson plans this year? Some schools alternatively offer this as an extracurricular activity. This contest is a great way to incorporate a hands-on project in math, physics, or history. It may look easy, but sound design principles are the fastest (and best) way to a solid trebuchet design. That means students start the project by researching trebuchets, roughing out designs, and using a computer to do simulations. Design a simulation that gives you good performance, and you are ready to start building!

Congratulations to the winners of Wright State's 14th Trebuchet Competition!

1st Place

Death Unleashed from Arlington High School
Arlington, OH

  • Advisor: Mrs. Kim Cortez
  • Captain: Dexter Wilson
  • Members:
    • Ryan McDowell
    • Arden McMath
    • Andrew Hunter
    • Marissa Missler
    • Brittan Reichley
    • Dani Heaster
    • Justin Rose

2nd Place

Death Row from Arlington High School
Arlington, OH

  • Advisor: Mrs. Kim Cortez
  • Captain: Matt Inniger
  • Members:
    • Madi Mains
    • Kenna Schmehl
    • Koltin Marquart
    • Allie Begg
    • Jessica Beck
    • Erin Helms

3rd Place

The Longshots from Upper Valley Career Center
Piqua, OH

  • Advisor: Frank Harris
  • Captain: Isaiah Burton
  • Members:
    • Jacog Albright
    • Chip Gade
    • Sam Barga
    • Devon Frey
    • Cayman DeVaudreuil
    • Craig Poeppelman