Research Interests

Our Current Research Projects

Our research activities are conducted mainly around the following five areas:

1. Advanced Device Development

-Ultrafast photoconductors(e.g., ErAs:GaAs, metal-implanted InGaAs, ZnO).

-Room-temp thermal detectors(e.g., single-crystal LiTaO3 pyroelectrics).

-Room-temp ultrafast Schottky rectifiers(e.g., CMOS-compatible Si-silicide diodes).


2. Advanced Component and Circuit Development

-PC switches and impulsive illuminators; ultra-wideband gated receiver.

-THz CW sources based on photo-mixing and novel optoelectronic effects.

-2D THz focal-plane, "staring" arrays.


3. THz System Development

-Active (radar) and passive system architecting: analysis and optimization.

-All-room-temperature THz camera w/readout electronics and human interface.


4. Signal and Image Processing

-THz resonant signature identification (e.g., explosive and biosignatures).

-THz image processing for biomedicine (e.g., skin-burn imaging, corneal imaging).


5. THz Phenomenology

-Scattering of THz radiation from diffuse media.

-Solid-state physics of THz low-lying vibrational resonances.

-THz interation (particularly in reflection) with human skin and tissue.