Ph.D. Degrees

Spring Graduation 2014

Spring Graduation 2014: both John Middendorf (left) and John Cetnar (right) received Ph.D. degrees in Engineering. Their research contributed mightily to the THz Sensors Group. John Middendorf will continue working with THz Sensors Group as a PostDoc, while John Cetnar will work for the Air Force Research Laboratory.

John Cetnar's dissertation can be found here.
John Middendorf's dissertation can be found here.

John Cetnar
Ph.D. Student in Electrical Engineering

John is a PhD student in the Engineering program at Wright State University. His research focuses on problems in computational electromagnetics in the EHF and mm/sub-mm wave regions as well as solid state transport in THz devices. John was awarded a SMART scholarship and will be joining the Air Force Research Laboratory's Sensors Directorate upon graduation. He holds MS in Physics, BS in Engineering, and MBA degrees all from Wright State. He is a member of Sigma Pi Sigma, the American Physical Society, and the Institute of Electrical and Electronic Engineers. John is also collaborating with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at the Air Force Institute of Technology and has worked at the Air Force Research Laboratory’s Sensors and Materials Directorates. He has 18 years of experience as an electrical engineer and holds two patents for electronics designs.


John Middendorf
Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering

John Middendorf is a local student from Medway, Ohio. John recently graduated from Wright State University with a Ph.D. in Electrical Engineering. He also graduated from Wright State University with a bachelors degree in Engineering Physics with a minor in Computer Science. After doing some work for the AFRL in diffractive and IR optics, he pursued his M.S. in Physics at Wright State. His two biggest passions outside of academia are soccer and racing, he even spent some time on the Wright State Mens soccer team as an undergraduate student. Click here for a brief video about John and his research.


Masters Degree

Jack Owsley
M.S. in Electrical Engineering

Jack Owsley is a recent graduate from Wright State University with a B.S. in Engineering Physics and a concentration in accelerated particles. While at Wright State he was involved in the Society of Physics Students and Society of Women Engineers. Currently he is working with Dr. Elliott Brown on multiple projects, one being a Class IV ultra fast laser which they hope to use in a variety of applications. Outside of work and school Jack enjoys sports and spending time with family and friends. Jack's thesis can be found here.


P. Kumar Daram
M.S. in Electrical Engineering

Prasanna Kumar Daram finished his Masters degree in Electrical Engineering and has been working with Dr. Elliott R Brown as a Graduate research assistant. He received his bachelors degree in Jawaharlal Nehru Tech. Univ. Hyderabad, India. Kumar is very individualistic person and always try to figure out how people, who are different, can work together productively. During the period of Masters degree he also worked as a Graduate IEEE vice-president, and Graduate Senator. Kumar's research focus was on characterizing the Terahertz Non-Contact, Antenna-free waveguides that are modelled in HFSS. In his free time he likes to play cricket, spend time with friends, and traveling.

Carla Benton
M.S. in Electrical Engineering

Carla Benton received her Bachelor of Science degree in Physics in June 2010 from Wright State University in Dayton Ohio. She also recieved her Master's Degree in Electrical Engineering at Wright State. As an undergraduate, she worked in terahertz research for Dr. Doug Petkie on projects such as "Millimeter-wave Radar for Remote Detection of Vital Signs" and "Optical Characterization of Composites for Quantitative Analysis of Terahertz Images" as well as coauthoring five papers on both capabilities of the radar and terahertz imaging for non-destructive evaluation (NDE) purposes. She has had experience with multiple collaborations between academia and government defense research including an internship at Tec^Edge (a collaborative effort between AFRL, Wright State University, and various civilian companies run by the Wright Brothers Institute for innovative and interdisciplinary research) and materials research with AFIT and AFRL.