Performance requirements for engineering applications call for materials with specific sets of properties. The properties of a material depend upon its structure, composition, and processing history. Research in the focus area of Materials and Nanotechnology covers length scales from the nanometer range to microscopic and macroscopic ranges for aerospace, automotive, and other traditional applications, as well as emerging areas, such as nanotechnology, alternative energy and biomaterials. Examples include (i) Design and development of metallic, ceramic, and polymeric materials and their composites, (ii) Nanoscale Characterization and Processing, (iii) Energy related materials and devices, (iv) Theoretical modeling and simulation, (v) Interfacial phenomena including chemistry and mechanics, (vi) Natural and Bio-Geo inspired solids, and (vii) Bio-medical materials.

Focus Area Chair:  Dr. Sharmila Mukhopadyay, Department of Mechanical and Materials Engineering