The standard procedures for transfer credit are:

  • For students entering the program with a relevant master's degree:
    • The hours counted towards the master's degree will not exceed thirty hours. In addition, the sixty-hour residency requirement must be met.
    • Upon the recommendation of the student's dissertation advisor and the approval of the program director and the Graduate School, graduate courses completed at another accredited academic institution may be transferred to a student's graduate academic record and applied toward the requirements of the student's Ph.D. degree program at Wright State.
  • For students entering the program with graduate credit beyond the master's degree:
    • The credit to be transferred has not been applied toward an awarded degree. While credits that were applied toward an awarded master's degree are not eligible for transfer credit, they may be used, with program approval, to waive certain course requirements. The sixty-hour residency requirement must be met.
    • The student's dissertation advisor and focus area chair review the transfer of credit request and recommends the course(s) to be accepted for transfer credit.
    • The student was admitted and enrolled as a graduate student at the institution where the graduate credit was completed. In addition, the student must be or have been in good standing at that institution.
  • For students entering the program without the master's degree:
    • The student may have up to 30 quarter hours of applicable graduate transfer credit posted on their Wright State academic record.