On decompositions of chain datalog programs into P (left)-linear 1-rule components

Guozhu Dong, The University of Melbourne

Seymour Ginsburg
University of Southern California,


Journal of Logic Programming, 23(3):203--236, June 1995.


As an approach to optimization, this paper examines the decomposition of chain Datalog programs into P (left-)linear sequences of 1-rule programs. The notion of P (left-)linear, introduced here, encompasses numerous special (left-)linear forms and includes the traditional (left) linear as a subcase. The decompositions are first characterized in terms of properties of associated context-free languages. More specific characterizations are provided for three types of P (left-)linear decompositions with 1-rule components, and the corresponding decision problems considered. Finally, arbitrarily large, inherently nondecomposable, P-linear size-prime programs are exhibited.