Arthur Ardeshir Goshtasby

Active Projects
The Paint-Brush Laser Range Scanner
Image Registration for Scene Tracking
A While-Light Based Range Scanner

Completed Projects
Nonrigid Image Registration for Colorectal Cancer Surgery
Segmentation and Registration Spinal CT and MR Images
Surgical Robot Assistant
Nonrigid Volume Registration for Brain-Shift Detection and Correction
Spatial Alignment of MR Brain Images with an Atlas
Control-Line Curves and Control-Plane Surfaces
High Dynamic Range Reduction
Construction of Electronic Dental Casts
Metadata Generation for Content-Based Image Databases
Segmentation of MR Brain Images for Delineation of Tumors
Interactive Methods for Volume Image Segmentation
Volume Image Registration
3-D Shape Recovery Using Range Data
Development of a Four-Head Color Laser Range Scanner
Interband Registration of Multispectral Images
Detecting and Tracking Humans in Videos
Nonlinear Volume Image Registration
A Computer-Aided Design System for Volume Image Segmentation
Recovering Non-Rigid 3-D Structures from Stereo and Structured Light

Computer Vision I
Computer Vision II
Computer Graphics I
Computer Graphics II
Advanced Computer Graphics
Pattern Recognition
Computer Aided Geometric Design
Medical Image Analysis

Correction of Color and Geometry in Digital Images
Segmentation of Skin Cancer Images
A System for Digital Reconstruction of Stone Dental Casts
Building 3-D Models from Multi-View Range Images
Registration of Deformed Images
Representing Cuts in Elastic Surfaces
Detecting Human Faces in Color Images
Interactive Tools for Image Segmentation
Interactive Tools for Image Segmentation Paper
Fitting Parametric Curves to Dense and Noisy Points
Analysis of Volumetric Images: Introduction
Volumetric image registration by template matching
Representing 3-D regions with rational Gaussian surfaces
On the Canny edge detector
Transformation Functions
Grouping and Parametrization for Curve Fitting
Parametrization for Surface Fitting
Multimodal Volume Image Registration by Template Matching
A Computer Aided Design System for Segmentation of Volumetric Images
Parametric Circles and Spheres
Approximating Digital 3-D Shapes by Rational Gaussian Surfaces
A Range Scanner with a Virtual Laser
Plus Curves and Surfaces (SIAM Geometric Design '03)
A Weighted Mean Approach to Smooth Parametric Representation of Polygon Meshes (SIAM Geometric Design '03)
All Publications
Current Students
Dan Chivers, Ph.D.
Shiva Satya, Ph.D.
Brian Jackson, Ph.D.
Chanyang Zhao, Ph.D.
Xiaolu Yu, M.S.
CVPR Tutorial on Image Registration and Fusion

Image Registration/Fusion Links

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