Building 3-D Models from Multi-View Range Images

A. Goshtasby

Pattern Recognition, vol. 31, no. 11, 1998, pp. 1705-1714.

This work was partially supported by the National Institue of Dental Research.


The process of building 3-D models of free-form objects from range images is presented. Existing techniques for registering and integrating multi-view range images are reviewed and a method for integrating multi-view range images without the need for image registration is introduced. A special fiducial marker is proposed which when attached to an object at the time of image acquisition, makes it possible to determine the object's orientation and position with respect to the viewer, enabling resampling of an arbitrary-view range image into the coordinate system of the object. Estimation of missing data and editing of free-form objects using rational Gaussian surfaces are also presented.


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