3-D Shape Recovery Using Range Data

Data in this Section were provided by CARD Laboratories, NASA, and Cyberware.


A digital tooth obtained by integrating  Smooth rendering of the tooth by
multi-view range images of the tooth.    fitting a RaG surface to the 
                                         digital tooth.

   Range data obtained by scanning       Smooth reconstruction of the leg by
   a leg with a Cyberware scanner.       fitting a RaG surface to the range data.

          A digital terrain relief map.                   Reconstruction of the terrain by fitting a RaG
                                                          surface to the digital terrain.

Range data known as Heidi,    Smooth reconstruction of Heidi by fitting a RaG surface
captured by a Cyberware       to the range data.
range scanner.       

For more information on the elastic surfaces used in the above examples, see:
A. Goshtasby, Geometric modelling using rational Gaussian curves and surfaces, Computer Aided Design, vol. 27, no. 5, May 1995, pp. 363-375.

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