Radar dominance
Wright State engineering professor Brian Rigling honored as top radar engineer by world’s largest association of technical professionals. Continue reading
Top projects by engineering, computer science seniors on display at design showcase
Wright State engineering and computer science students will put their best work on display during the Senior Design Showcase May 1. Continue reading
Jet jewel
Wright State engineering student Emily Burns puts Air Force engines through computer simulations at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base. Continue reading
Wright State University’s dazzling new Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Building a research powerhouse
Wright State will celebrate the opening on the Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Building with a ceremony April 16 from 4 to 6 p.m. Continue reading
Chilled ceiling beam, anti-vibration floor and a glass facade stripped with energy-saving fins are among the many architectural highlights of Wright State’s new Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Building. Continue reading
Podium shift
Next fall, sharp-eyed Wright State University students may notice a change at the head of the classroom. Continue reading
Wright State University applies to host 2016 presidential debate
Wright State University is making its case to again represent Ohio in a presidential election event. Continue reading
Power play
Wright State researchers are testing a propeller blade that could revolutionize wind power by making turbines more powerful, efficient, quieter and less expensive. Continue reading
Wright State students organizing daylong hackathon for computer programmers
Wright State computer science and computer engineering students will hold a 24-hour hackathon to develop software and hardware projects on April 11 and 12. Continue reading
In neuroscience, Dayton begins to make mark
Excerpt Wright State University is readying to open its $37 million Neuroscience Engineering Collaboration Building, a structure university leaders promise will be a unique hub where neurology, medicine, engineering and computer science will meet. “It’s safe to say there’s no … Continue reading