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 Research Projects 2009

1.      Sponsor: Environmental Protection Agency- STAR program

“Behavior of Carbon Nanomaterials in Aqueous Suspensions of Natural Organic Matter”

WSU Investigator: Sharmila M. Mukhopadhyay

Partnering Institution(s): Clemson University, Georgia Tech.


2.   Sponsor: DOE Basic Energy Sciences, Chemical, Biological and Geosciences
"Kinetic complexity of mineral-water interface reactions relevant to CO2 sequestration:

      Atomic-scale reactions to macroscale processes"
WSU Investigator(s):Prof. Steven R. Higgins
Partnering Institution(s): Dr. Kevin G. Knauss, Lawrence Berkeley NationalLaboratory


3.   Sponsor: WSU-Research Challenge

Computational Materials Research Cluster (CMRC)

WSU Investigators: Amir Farjian, Lok Lew Yan Voon, Rachael Aga


4.   Sponsor: Air Force Office of Scientific Research

“A molecular modeling approach to predicting elastic and failure behavior of thermosetting polymers”

WSU Investigator: Sharmila Mukhopadhyay

Partnering Institutions: AFRL, Southern Illinois University


5.   Sponsor:  DAGSI-AFRL

“Functionalization of Carbon nanostructures with Metal Based Nanoparticles”

WSU Investigators: Sharmila Mukhopadhyay and Adam Maleszewski


6.    Sponsor: Environmental Protection Agency

“Influence of Water Quality on the Bioavailability and Food Chain Transport of Carbon Nanotubes”

WSU Investigator: Sharmila M. Mukhopadhyay

Partnering Institutions: Clemson University, University of North Texas


7.     Sponsor: DAGSI-AFRL

“Thermally responsive Encapsulated Phase Change Materials”

WSU Investigators: Sharmila Mukhopadhyay and Ian Barney

Director: Dr. Sharmila M. Mukhopadhyay

Manager & Safety Officer: Mr. Greg Wilt

Lab Facility Co-ordinator: Mr. Wehu Wang

People: Research Group

Center for Nano-Scale Multifunctional Materials, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio-45435, USA

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