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Dr. S. M. Mukhopadhyay


Center Director

Surface and Interface Science, Nano-scale Fabrication and Characterization,  Nature Inspired Hierarchical Architectures, Multi-disciplinary Education.

Dr. A. Jackson


Center Project Manager

Materials characterization methods, electron microscopies, electron and x-ray spectroscopies, crystallography, history of scientific/engineering concepts.

Dr. R. Aga


Dept of Chemistry

Hydrogen storage in nano-structures, Organic photovoltaic materials

Dr. A. Agrawal


Earth and Environmental Sciences

Chemical effects of nano-scale particles in soils, chemical & biological treatment techniques for aquifers polluted with organic pollutants. Ground water treatment

Dr. M. Amer


Materials Science & Engineering

Raman Spectroscopy and molecular models, polymer composites, micromechanics, phase transitions in nano-structured material systems.

Dr. K. L. Chu


Electrical Engineering

Micro- and nano-devices, Computer-aided design, VLSI and FPGA Instrumentation, GPS, and digital wideband microwave receivers.

Dr. J. Deibel


Dept of  Physics.

Terahertz science and imaging, including time-domain spectroscopy, ultrafast optics and applications, computational electrom-agnetics.

Dr. A. Farajian


Materials Science & Engineering

Modeling of nano-scale materials.

Dr. E. Fossum



Nano-scale polymeric materials, functionalized, highly branched polymers, polycondensation reactions, synthesis of new and interesting monomers.

Dr. T. Goswami


Biomedical, Industrial & Human Factors Engg

 Biomedical applications such as ankle, knee, hip, spine, shoulder and other total joint replacements

Dr. S. Higgins


Dept of Chemistry

Nano-scale imaging and characterization; environmental, technological and fundamental problems at solid surfaces, reactions at solid-liquid interfaces.

Dr. A. Hsu Professor of mechanical and materials engineering, Dean, School of graduate studies. Proton exchange membrane and anion exchange membrane fuel cells, hydrogen generation, catalysts, computational fluid dynamics, turbulence, combustion.

Dr. G. Huang


Chair, Mechanical and Materials Engineering

Computational fluid dynamics, heat and mass transfer, modeling, designs and understanding of transport in meso- and nano-scale systems.

Dr. H. Huang


Materials Science & Engineering

Research specialty is electrochemical aspects of nano-materials for alternative energy systems.

Dr. B. Jang


Professor of Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Development and improvements of fuel cells and alternative energy systems and their applications; President of company that commercializes Carbon Nano-plates

Dr. G. Kozlowski


Dept of Physics

synthesis of nano-particles. High temperature superconductivity, magnetic properties of materials, metallic nano-particles.

Dr. S. Lunsford


Dept of Chemistry

Research interests are in Chemical Education and Nanoscale Sensors.

Dr. I. Pavel


Dept of Chemistry

Nano-toxicology, Raman spectroscopy and photochemistry

Dr. R. Srinivasan


Materials Science & Engineering

Mechanical properties, nano-microstructures and phases, deformation processing and mechanical testing methods, thermo-mechanical processing.

Dr. Y. Zhuang


Electrical Engineering

Nano/micro- fabrication, MEMs, RF components, and Developing RF/Microwave materials

Dr. D. Young


Materials Science & Engineering

Nanopolymers and fuel cells, Nanochannel materials, multimaterial fibrous materials, laser micromachining, and forward transfer techniques.

Dr. D. P. Wooley


Dept of Neuroscience, Cell Biology, and Physiology

HIV-1 Mutation and Recombination, HIV-1 infection of Eosinophils


                Director:     Dr. Sharmila M . Mukhopadhyay

         Lab Manager:     Mr. Gregory Wilt

                 People:     Center's students

Center for Nanoscale Multifunctional Materials, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio-45435, USA

Last updated on 07/21/11