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The Center for Nano-scale Multifunctional Materials at Wright State University was established in October 2007, and serves as a focal point for science and engineering research and education in the expanding field of Nano-scale materials and devices. It fosters multidisciplinary research and education efforts of university faculty, industrial partners and collaborators from federal laboratories. Within Wright State University, faculty members from five departments and two colleges are represented in the Center. Partnering Institutions include several for-profit companies, Air Force Research Laboratory, and several American and international universities.



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Carbon Foams Electronics

Director: Dr. Sharmila M. Mukhopadhyay

Manager & Safety Officer: Mr. Greg Wilt

Lab Facility Co-ordinator: Mr. Wehu Wang

People: Research Group

Center for Nano-Scale Multifunctional Materials, Wright State University, Dayton, Ohio-45435, USA

Last updated on 03/04/2016


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