• Call us Monday through Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM
  • E-mail us anytime and we will try to respond within 24 hours
  • IM us using the appropriate screen name listed below

We are here to help make your transition to Wright State as easy as possible. We look forward to hearing from you.

IECS (Intending Engineering and Computer Science) Undergraduate Advising

Courtney J Tygret, MA

Phone: (937) 775-5039
Office: 280 Joshi Research Center
Email: courtney.tygret@wright.edu

Materials Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

Admitted Undergraduate Advising

Heather Casto, M.Ed.

Phone: (937) 775-5040
Office: 209 Russ Engineering Center
Email: heather.casto@wright.edu

Mechanical & Materials Engineering

Master's Programs

George Huang, PhD, PE

Phone: (937) 775-5043
Advising Appointments: (937) 775-5040
Office: 209B Russ Engineering Center
Email: george.huang@wright.edu

Materials Science and Engineering
Mechanical Engineering

James Menart, PhD

Phone: (937) 775-5145
Office: 125 Russ Engineering Center
Email: james.menart@wright.edu

Renewable & Clean Energy

Joseph C. Slater, PhD, PE

Phone: (937) 775-5005
Office: University Hall
Email: joseph.slater@wright.edu

Aerospace Engineering


Alysoun Taylor-Hall, MBA

Phone: (937) 775-5075
Office: 211 Russ Engineering Center
Fax: (937) 775-5147
Email: alysoun.taylor-hall@wright.edu