Welcome to your new College of Engineering and Computer Science UNIX
account. Below is some information concerning your account.  Please read it
and feel free to send us email if you have questions.

        This account is NOT an email account, and does not provide you
        with any additional access to email.  You should use your
        OFFICIAL WSU email address which is the one published in the
        WSU directory. It is in the following format:
                (Faculty and Staff) firstname.lastname@wright.edu
                (Students)          lastname.somenumber@wright.edu

        You can read your Campus email from the ECS UNIX machines by setting 
        up your email client with both the incoming and outgoing mail servers 
        set to be mail.wright.edu and using your Campus username and password.  
        Note that although your ECS UNIX login name is the same as your Campus
        login name, the passwords may not be the same.

        There are a number of help resources available on the College web 
        server.  Help files are available under:


        With local resources (including UNIX command references and a
        reference to vi at:


        If you cannot find what you need on the web site, see the WHO TO
        CONTACT section below.

        If you have questions or problems concerning your UNIX account,
        you can contact:


        If you have problems with the public printers, you can contact:


        The first thing you should do is to change your password.
        You need to pick a password that meets the following conditions:

                1) Is at least six characters in length
                2) Is NOT a word in the dictionary
                3) Is NOT personal information that someone would guess
                   like your name, ssn, or phone number.
                4) Does use special characters and/or upper and lowercase.

        Malicious users have programs to guess passwords.  By including
        special characters, they are virtually impossible to guess.
        Examples of good passwords:


        Example of a bad password:

                hostage (it's in the dictionary and it's all lower case)
                horse534 (combination of dictionary word and number)

        issue the command "yppasswd" at the shell prompt and follow
        the prompts on the screen.

        Your account is a networked account, or YP account.  This allows you
        to login to a variety of systems and platforms.  The main machines
        that you can use are:

                gandalf Sun eight-processor SunFire 880 running Solaris 10
                thor 12-core HP DL380 G7 running Red Hat 5

        Your files are accessible on any of these machines thanks to
        the Network File System (NFS).

        You can access these machines from any computer on the internet
        (be sure to add .cs.wright.edu to the hostname) including the
        many networked computers in 152C and 152D Russ Center. 

        The following networked printers are available for your use:

                name    room    description
                ----    ----    -------------------------------------------
                russ1    152RC  Three Lexmark Optra T 654 (load balanced)
                russ3    333RC  Lexmark Optra T 654 (load balanced)

        To print, simply use the name of the printer as the command to 
        print, followed by the filename.  Example:

                        russ1 myfile.ps

        To check the queue, use the name of the printer followed by "q".

        To remove a job, use the printer name plus "rm" and the job number.

                        russ1rm 232

        If your job does not print, PLEASE REMOVE IT FROM THE QUEUE!
        Often a printer may break, you send your job to print but it doesn't
        come out so you send it to another printer.  Then we fix the first
        printer, your job is still in queue, it prints out and you don't want 
        it.  This may sound trivial, but hundreds of pages of paper and toner
        get wasted each day in unclaimed printouts.  Again:

        If your job does not print, PLEASE REMOVE IT FROM THE QUEUE!

        If you can't remove it from the queue, contact a system administrator.

        Add the following command to your .login file to set a default
        printer (works with many software packages):
        setenv PRINTER NameOfPrinter (example: setenv PRINTER russ1)

        Your account is assigned a disk quota, or a limit to the amount of 
        disk space you may use.  You can check your quota with:
                df -h .

        from your home directory.  The result will look like:

        Filesystem             size   used  avail capacity  Mounted on
ecsnas1:/0/users/YourUserName  2.0G   4.9M   2.0G     1%    /home/ee45400

        the capacity is the percent of your available space which is
        in use.

        If you get near your quota, you should try to 
                1)delete any old files that are not necessary.

                2) compress files that you want to save but are not
                   using right now.  Use the gzip command to compress
                   them.  For example, to compress all files in the 
                   current directory you would type:

                                gzip *

                   This will compress the files and give them an extension
                   of ".gz" which is your reminder that they are compressed.

                   To uncompress one of the files, say myfile.gz type:

                                gunzip myfile.gz

        If you run out of space and cannot delete or compress anything,
        you need to contact us (listed at the beginning of this message)
        concerning increasing your quota.  Quotas will be increased for
        valid academic work.  You will need to justify the increase.

        WARNING! WARNING! This is very important!  
        If you get a message "Disk Quota Exceeded" Stop.  The only
        thing you can do is delete old files or contact us.  DO NOT
        compress anything!  The process of compressing requires more
        temporary space which you will not have and you can actually
        lose files.

        If you have a class account (like ceg43400 as opposed to a named
        account like jsmith) then you should be aware that your account 
        will be automatically deleted at the end of the quarter.  If you 
        know that you need an extension to finish the class then you must
        have your instructor notify us in advance to retain the account.
        If you want to copy files to another account, be sure to do so
        before the quarter ends!

Archiving/transferring files:

        Your account is not meant to be an archive site for every class
        you have taken.  You should move files that you don't use on a 
        regular basis to your own removeable media.  The PCs in room 
        152C Russ are all networked, and you can use the SSH file
        transfer client to transfer files to and from your UNIX account.  

What type of use of the systems is authorized?

        Your account is issued for valid academic work only.  
        Using College of Engineering and Computer Science equipment to play
        games of any kind is not considered to be academic use of the machines
        and will not be tolerated.  Recreational use of any kind consumes
        resources which would otherwise be available for academic use, be it
        seats in a lab or something not quite so visible such as cpu cycles,
        I/O cycles, memory or disk space.

        Persons observed playing games in College labs will be asked to leave, 
        and if it is established that they are using accounts on Engineering 
        systems for game playing, those accounts will be disabled.

        You are responsible for any transactions which originate 
        from your account, whether performed by you or someone else using 
        your account.  You should not share your password with others or allow 
        anyone to use your account.

Retaining access to your pseudo-permanent named account:

        Permanent accounts are permanent only for as long as you are a
        student here.  In addition, you must be registered for the current
        quarter to retain access to your account according to the following

Explanation of our account policy:

In keeping with the policy of Computing and Telecommunications Services (CaTS),
the ACAC recommended, and the Steering committee as well as the Dean 
approved the following policy:

        Each quarter student computer accounts will be reviewed, and 
        accounts of persons not enrolled for the current quarter will
        be disabled.  The accounts will remain on-line, and will be 
        renabled if the person re-enrolls in the university.  Accounts
        that remain disabled for three consecutive quarters will be
        backed up and removed from the system.  Depending on the 
        availability of resources, the policy may not be enforced during
        Summer quarters.

For graduate students who just defended their thesis, we will re-enable
the accounts for 30 days, as listed in the university policy.

Registration will be checked at the beginning of the quarter, and again
later to find those students who have dropped.


        The college has a webserver with information about
        programs, class schedules, and system information available
        to anyone.