Basic Commands in emacs

Command Name		Command Description
C-h k "command"		Displays help on command (Ex C-h k C-l displays help on C-l command)
C-h			Displays help screen
C-v			View next screen
M-v			View previous screen
C-L or C-l		Clear screen and redisplay so text at cursor is in the center of screen
C-b			Moves cursor back one letter
C-f			Moves cursor forward one letter
M-b			Moves cursor back by one word
M-f			Moves cursor forward by one word
C-p			Moves cursor to previous line
C-n			Moves cursor to next line
C-a			Moves cursor to beginning of line
C-e			Moves cursor to end of line
M-a			Moves cursor to beginning of sentence
M-e			Moves cursor to end of sentence
M-<			Moves cursor to beginning of whole text or file
M->			Moves cursor to end of whole text or file
C-u number C-b		Moves cursor back by n letters
C-u number C-f		Moves cursor forward n letters
C-u number C-n		Moves cursor ahead n lines
C-u number C-p		Moves cursor back n lines
C-u num C-v		Scrolls screen up by num lines
C-u num M-v		Scrolls screen down by num lines
C-u num C-l		Positions text at num lines from the top of screen
C-g			Abort/Escape sequence to stop emacs from executing a command or retyping the command
C-x 1			Kill all windows except the current one
C-x 2			Open a second window
C-M-v			To scroll the bottom window
C-x-o			To move cursor into the other window
C-x 4 C-f		To find file and open it in second window
C-u num "string"	Inserts "string" num number of times at the cursor
DEL			Deletes character before the cursor
C-d			Deletes the next character after the cursor
M-d			Kill the word immediately after cursor
M-DEL			Kill the word immediately before cursor
C-k			Kill from the cursor position to end of line
M-k			Kill from cursor position to end of sentence
C-x-DEL			Kills from cursor position to the beginning of sentence
C-SPACE..C-w		Kills the block marked by C-SPC and C-w
C-y			Retrieve (Yank) text killed most recently (use this with C-SPC..C-w to copy blocks)
M-y			Yank texts killed earlier..yanks all killed texts in that session
C-x num C-u		Undoes the changes made by num number of commands
C-x C-f			Find file
C-x C-s			Save file
C-x C-b			List buffers open in emacs currently
C-x s			Save buffers interactively
C-z			Suspend emacs
fg or %emacs		Bring back emacs
M-x 			Used to enter named extended commands (ex: replace strings, change modes etc)
C-s 			Initiate incremental search
ESC ESC ESC		Similar to C-g but more general "all-purpose get-out command"
C-x C-c			To exit emacs permanently

Legend: C-Control, M - Meta/Alt keys