Reasons you need a CECS UNIX account:

  1. Your advisor says you need one
  2. You need to use ANSYS, Cadence, Abaqus, Saber (Synopsys), or some other engineering software that you know to be accessible using the VLSI workstations in room 333, the Linux workstations in room 141, or the multiuser systems known as gandalf and thor.

How to get a CECS UNIX account:

  1. Go to your department office.
  2. Ask for an "Application for ECS Unix Account", also known as "the green form".
  3. Read the form.
  4. Fill it out.
  5. Get a department person to sign it; usually, per department, this is
    • BIE, Dr. Hangartner
    • CSE, varies
    • EE, Dr. Xue
    • ME, Dr. Huang
    but it can also be your advisor.
  6. You may have to leave the form in the department office; see below.
  7. Return it to one of the computer support staff. You can either bring it to us yourself, or leave it in your department office and they will get it to us.
  8. When your account is created, the username will be the same as your campus username (w123abc) and the password will be set to whatever you put in the "Initial Password" field on the form (so, make sure you print clearly).