The College hosts many engineering specific software applications. Many (though, most likely, not all) are listed below, with links to additional information, where appropriate.

When the software is installed on a specific system, that machine's name is given. "VLSI Suns" means the workstations in 333, and various other research lab locations. "wilburs" means the Linux workstation in 141 Russ. For more information about the system themselves, see the Hardware Specifications page.


Name of SoftwareWhat It DoesWhere InstalledNotes
finitie element analysys
gandalf, thor, wilburs
cli command is 'abaqus', for gui use 'abaqus -cae'
ANSYS (including Ansys, CFX, and Fluent)
structural, thermal, fluid and electromagnetic simulation
gandalf, thor, wilburs
cli command is 'ansys121', for gui use 'launcher121'
integrated circuit design
gandalf, thor, VLSI
LaTeX (and TeX)
algorithm development, data analysis and data visualization
there are modules for the different, conflicting versions of Matlab; make sure you load the right one. Once the module is loaded, the command is 'matlab'. It will use the GUI if the DISPLAY variable is set.
symbolic computation and mathematics problems
There are modules needed to set up your environment for Mathematica. GUI command is 'mathematica'; CLI command is 'math'
MD Nastran
world's most widely used FEA program for simple to complex, linear and nonlinear analyses of structural, fluid, thermal, and coupled systems
gandalf, thor, wilburs
finite element modeling
gandalf, thor, wilburs
Synopsis (Saber)
VLSI simulation (uses VHDL)
gandalf, thor, VLSI
Tecplot 360
CFD and numerical simulation software package used in post-processing simulation results
thor, wilburs
command is 'tec360'