Through our diverse programs and platforms, the Office of Professional Development is dedicated to making our programs work for you. We design our courses so that even if you are interested in addressing a specific need instead of the broad-based education of our certificate program, we are capable of providing a high-value educational experience. Our individual courses are useful for targeted training that meets your specific needs.

We offer technical education for the continuing education of professionals in engineering and computer science. Our technical education courses are designed in collaboration between Wright State faculty and industry leaders to address changing needs that result from industry developments.

Class Name Date Duration Location Price  
iOS Application Development 9/20, 9/27 3 hours WSU $899 More Info

What You’ll Learn: Students develop three small applications of increasing complexity over two days. You’ll become familiar with Apple’s developer tools, the Objective-C programming language, and the Cocoa Touch application frameworks. In addition to learning “how" applications are made, you’ll learn “why” they are made that way. The course focuses on imparting design wisdom and techniques to move forward productively with Apple’s on-line documentation and other resources.
About Erik M. Buck: Mr. Buck has 25 years of industry experience and wrote three books, "Learning OpenGL ES for iOS: A Hands-on Guide to Modern 3D Graphics Programming", "Cocoa Design Patterns", "Cocoa Programming”, about the technology used to develop iOS applications. He is a serial entrepreneur and Instructor at Wright State University.

Practical Application and Implementation for Industrial Robotics 9/20 3 hours WSU $75 More Info

Industrial robotics play an important role in manufacturing process. Part I of the Practical Applications and Implementation for Industrial Robotics provides employees, engineers, executives, and students with quick overview of current state of the industrial robot market, definitions and terms, justification for use of robots, considerations for developing a plan for using robotics, and different application examples. This course is taught by Andrew Glaser, author of the book “Industrial Robotics: How To Implement The Right System For Plant”.