High-Performance Product Design and Testing

The Wright State Center of Excellence for Product Reliability and Optimization fields teams of specialists and researchers to address performance issues for a wide range of design and manufacturing processes in aerospace, energy, automotive, and other industries.

Recent projects include:

Enhancing a laser process to reduce product fatigue

CEPRO supported LSP Technologies by working with the University of Cincinnati to develop an array of computer simulations that allow its cutting-edge Laser Peen® process to create stronger metal components that can withstand wear and avoid product failure, which is particularly important in aircraft, automotive, and medical equipment manufacturing.

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Designing aircraft via interactive simulations

CEPRO, in conjunction with Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, is helping to design a new Efficient Supersonic Air Vehicle (ESAV) concept with the Air Force Research Laboratory, using highly sophisticated computer simulations that interact with one another to solve design problems in various components simultaneously.

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Creating a high-efficiency metal rolling process

This National Science Foundation project is aimed at improving quality control in cold rolling systems for metals by using computational models developed by CEPRO, based on applied elasticity theory, to simulate and predict stresses during manufacturing.

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Forecasting the life of aircraft components

Working with the Air Force, CEPRO employs a digital twin of aircraft concepts and proprietary computational tools and models to forecast the effects of variables, such as load on the structure of aircraft components, and to estimate the probability and extent of damage that could result under different scenarios.

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Monitoring damage in thermal protection systems

CEPRO has developed a monitoring system based on models of normal operations to detect damage to the fastener systems of thermal protection systems, which are critical to protect high-speed aircraft and space vehicles against aerodynamic heating.

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