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Engineering New Products for Success

The Wright State Center of Excellence for Product Reliability and Optimization is advancing the science of product development and manufacturing to achieve ever-higher performance—in collaboration with leading business, academic, and government partners from across Ohio and the nation.

CEPRO fields multidisciplinary teams of experts from the Wright State Colleges of Engineering and Computer Science, Business, and Science and Mathematics to tackle real-world problems and deliver innovative solutions through computational modeling, simulation, and optimization of complex components and manufacturing processes.

The CEPRO team works with such partners as the Air Force Research Laboratory at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, the National Science Foundation, the Ohio Department of Transportation, General Electric, Boeing, and Ford Motor Company. CEPRO also provides support to smaller companies and start-ups to help bring new technologies to market.

The results of CEPRO's innovative design and manufacturing solutions are measured in:

  • Shorter development time
  • Lower production costs
  • Superior performance
  • Broader markets
  • Higher profits

Recent projects include:

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