Why should I intern?

The College's flexible internship program will allow you to improve your professional preparation, explore career possibilities, and get paid! You will have the opportunity to apply what you learn in the classroom to exciting full-time or part-time internship positions at major companies like Dayton Power & Light, Emerson Climate Technologies, LexisNexis, Marxent Labs, Reynolds & Reynolds, Riverside Research, and Wright-Patterson Air Force Base.

  • Interns are paid an average salary of $15/hour.
  • 61 percent of graduating seniors had an internship or co-op experience.
  • Employers made full-time offers to 64.8 percent of their interns.
  • 79 percent of interns accepted a full-time job offer with their internship employer.
  • Graduates who came from a paid internship and received a full-time job offer generally commanded a higher starting salary than did graduates from an unpaid internship who received full-time job offers.


To register with the College of Engineering and Computer Science for the engineering internship program, students should be a sophomore level or above and:

  • have completed or be nearing completion of entry-level courses as outlined by CECS
  • have declared a course of study and been accepted into that program
  • have a 2.5 GPA for undergraduate students and a 3.0 GPA for graduate students
  • be committing to a job related to their major

Students who do not meet the eligibility guidelines are advised to schedule an appointment with the intern/career advisor in the Brandeberry Career Development Center to discuss their options. Appointments may be scheduled by calling (937) 775-4491.

Biomedical Engineering and Industrial Systems Engineering:

  • ENG 1100
  • EGR 1010 (or MTH 2300)
  • CHM 1210 or PHY 2400

Computer Engineering:

  • ENG 1100
  • CS 1180 (or CS 1160 and CS 1161) and CS 1181
  • MTH 2570 or CS 2200

Computer Science:

  • ENG 1100
  • CS 1180 (or CS 1160 and CS 1161) and CS 1811
  • MTH 2570 or CS 2200

Electrical Engineering:

  • ENG 1100
  • EGR 1010 (or MTH 2300)
  • CEG 2170
  • EE 2010 (or PHY 2400)

Industrial and Systems/Biomedical Engineering:

  • Please contact the BIE department for more information

Mechanical Engineering/Materials Science:

  • ENG 1100
  • EGR 1010 (or MTH 2300)
  • CHM 1210/1210L or PHY 2400/2400L
  • ME 1020


The Brandeberry Career Development Center provides individual student appointments in with a career advisor to assist with the following:

  • Résumés-Download Samples word pdf
  • Cover Letters
  • Interview Techniques
  • LinkedIn Profiles
  • Salary Negotiation
  • and more!

For more information related to internships in Engineering, please contact the Intern/Career advisor, Jessica Lee.


EGR 1900

First and second-year students, or students with no internship experience, are encouraged to take a one credit-hour seminar, EGR 1900: Exploring Engineering Internships.

In EGR 1900, students will learn about work ethics, job-seeking skills, career development resources, and industry insights. Speak with your academic advisor for registration details.


View our list current opportunities to explore what internship positions are available. Click here to view a list of past internship sites. Contact us for additional assistance finding an internship.


Are you currently participating in a co-op/internship? If so, you can receive credit for the internship experience which may count toward General and/or Technical Electives in your major. Students must register for one of the following courses:

  • EGR 2940 - sophomores
  • EGR 3940 - juniors
  • EGR 4940 - seniors
  • EGR 6940 - graduate students

To register, please complete the Internship Agreement Form and submit it electronically through the provided link.


Once you submit your Internship Agreement Form, an Intern/Career advisor from the Brandeberry Career Development Center will contact you regarding your registration options.

You may register for 1 credit for every 10 hours/week working in your internship with a maximum of 4 total credits per semester. Transcripted internships for no credit hours are also available.

Please work directly with the BCDC staff to add internship to your course schedule. For more information related to internships in Engineering, please contact the Intern/Career advisor, Jessica Lee, (937) 775-4491

Past Internship Sites

Please visit the past internship sites page to view a sample list of internship sites reported by Wright State CECS students.