The College's flexible internship programs will allow you to improve your professional preparation, explore career possibilities, and get paid! You will have the opportunity to apply what you learn in the classroom to exciting full- or part-time internship positions at major companies like Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Honda, GE, and Reynolds and Reynolds. Internships are paid, with an average salary of $15/hour.

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The Wright Search

Participating in an internship gives you the opportunity to work in the field you are studying. Engineering and computer science students are able to intern on a part-time basis during the school year and full-time over the summer, or participate in alternating semesters (see your program advisor). This allows students to graduate in 4 to 5 years with real work experience. Our internship program is flexible and you can find intern positions through on-campus interviewing, Recruiting Days, the Wright Search (an online job board at WSU RaiderCareer CENTRAL) as well as referral from the Brandeberry Career Development Center.

The ability to earn credit for your internship experience began Spring Semester 2013. Freshman and Sophomore students, or students with no internship experience, are encouraged to take a one credit-hour classroom seminar (EGR 1900) designed to build their resume and professionalism. Internship credit can be earned for as little as ten hours of internship per week (10 hours per 1 credit, up to 4 credits) after registering. Upper-level students, and those with existing internship experience, will only have to sign up for the additional credits, not the classroom seminar. For applicability of credit towards your major, please see your major program advisor.

Transcripted internships for no credit hours are also available.

For more information related to internships in Engineering, please contact the Internship Advisor, Jessica Melita.

Internship Sites

Please visit the recent internship sites page to view a sample list of internship sites reported by Wright State CECS students.

Visit the current opportunities page for an updated list of internship opportunities.

Employer Testimonials

The Brandeberry Career Development Center collaborates with industry partners to provide students with internship experiences to supplement their education and support their on-going professional development as they prepare to enter the workforce. Visit each of the testimonial pages to learn more about these companies and the experiences of Wright State student interns.